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Products: TauruX and ZYXswap

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world; he who understands it, earns it, he who doesn't pays it.

Decentralised stakepad and DeFiaggregator

TauruX staking pools

Zodyx TauruX will feature cryptocurrency staking pools, which will give users the ability to stake, or deposit ZODYX tokens in exchange for new token awards. Tokens are "staked" throughout the course of time, and the annual percentage yield (APY) is what determines how many new tokens are earned. The TauruX pools do not sustain any temporary losses, which enables users to stake their tokens while simultaneously boosting the value of their portfolios and contributing to the development of cutting-edge new projects.

ZYXswap DeFi aggregator

Zodyx ZYXswap cross-chain will allow users trade tokens instantaneously with fast and cheap transactions parameters using ZYXswap aggregator. Implementing cutting-edge defi tools such as multi-charts, portfolio wallet tracker, rug screen and token bridge for advanced trading experiences.