The Zodyx
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ZYX token: Allocation, distribution, revenue model

Token economic importance and role

The ZODYX token (ZYX) plays a central role in the ecosystem, providing holders with utility and rewards. Token holders can stake their tokens in TauruX pools to yield new tokens while preserving the value of their tokens. The staking functionality and governance membership enable a thriving defi community with true blockchain utility.

Token distribution

The BNBChain network-issued ZODYX token (ZYX) has a total and maximal supply of twenty million (20,000,000) tokens, with no additional fees. The total allocation based on investors and project is 75% ALLOC and 25% ALLOC, respectively, distributed economically with risk mitigation for the project's long-term development.

Token allocation

Initial coin offering and liquidity
Products: TauruX & ZYXswap
Market making, pools & stock exchange
Community role & incentives
Zodyx Team & Foundation

Token revenue model

The Zodyx token revenue mechanism will contribute to growth, development, and long-term sustainability. The TauruX pools generate the majority of revenue, while 2% of deposit and withdrawal fees are allocated to product and project development. Featured project pool establishments incur additional fees, of which 30% is allocated for token buyback, 30% for Zodyx investors DAO incentive, and 40% for pool development and maintenance.